About The Institute
  • An integrated educational township
  • Comprises of four traditional Ashrams : Brahmacharya, Garhasthya, Vanaprastha, and Sannyas.
  • Aimed to revive Sanskrit, and Vedic culture, the true sanskriti of Hindus.
  • A value-oriented comprehensive education system and life style with accent on Renunciation and Tapasya.
  • This institution will promote the superiority of vegetarianism and all inmates will be vegetarians in food habit as a preliminary step to Sattvik life.
  • Revival of Hindu Dharma based on Rishi-Prajna as revealed in Shastras

      Location of Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth (Click to view Location Map)

  • At Ramnagar, Uttarbhag, Baruipur sub-division, Dist.: South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India.
  • Rural setting, few km away from Megacity of Calcutta. 30 km from Rajbhavan, Calcutta, India.
  • Situated in a backward area on the Jadavpur – Garia – Narendrapur – Baruipur – Canning Road.
  • 7 km from Baruipur Rly. Station of Eastern Railway, India.

      The Area Of Mahapeeth / Energy Water Resources / And General Condition

  • A sprawling area of 200 Acres with rural greenery as the backdrop.
  • Non-electrified area till recently.
  • Grave water scarcity. Highly arsenic prone. Dried up canal for irrigation.
  • Illiteracy, unemployment and scheduled caste people mostly land less and depending on daily wages in manual labour.
  • High birth-rate, child mortality and lack of health-care.
  • People living in thatched cottages of mud-walls.
  • No medical facilities in the vicinity of project area.

      Project Cost and Time for Completion of Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth:

  • Total cost estimated is Rs. 150 crores.

  • Time frame is 7 years from the starting of the work which is planned to be inaugurated in Feb 2002 to commemorate the centenary of Sree Thakur Satyananda subject to availability of funds.

  • DONATIONS ARE SOLICITED from individuals or Institutions in Indian currency or foreign currency for construction of the project.

      Proliferation of the Mahapeeth

  • Gradually the concept of Gurukul system of education as envisaged by the ancient Rishis of Bharatvarsha is gaining ground. Offers are coming to establish Gurukuls at different places. But the expansion is retarded due to various factors existing at the moment. It is anticipated that with the active cooperation of well-wishers many more branches of Mahapeeth will be established at various places in near future.

      International Pilgrimage Center
  • When completed, the exquisitely beautiful central temple complex with all educational and living centres of the Mahapeeth Township will make it a dynamic representation of Hindu Dharma both in internal transformation and external expression.
  • The demonstration of the central unity of multifaceted Hindu Dharma and acceptance of the specialty of the various branches will make this a unique Institution
  • The architecture and form of life and living evolved in the township will be fascinating as it makes eternal Hindu spirituality a vibrating reality in modern times. It will be rich in aesthetic standards too.
  • The Mahapeeth, therefore, being a contemporary model of ancient Hindu Dharma will be a destination for International pilgrimage and tourism.
  • Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth will be the model educational Institution in many respects.
  • A large number of Mahapeeths will sprout all over India in course of time drawing their sustenance from this premier Institution in the Eastern Region.
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