Sree Thakur Satyananda
Bhagwan comes down from his heavenly abode to this earth in every era. This is not a mere belief instilled by the scriptures and puranas; this is the Truth. In the stream of divine incarnations Sree Thakur Satyananda is the most revered incarnation of the present era. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Shri Chaitanya, Shri Ramkrishna - all are different incarnations of the one Supreme Being. That He reincarnated himself again as Sree Satyananda, is a proven truth. These five Avataras manifested themselves to establish the everlasting Truth. Sree Satyananda came to establish a strong link between the old and the new.

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Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth
Sree Archanapuri Ma, Manas-kanya (spiritual daughter) of Sree Thakur, founded Sree Satyananda Devayatan in 1976 and Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth in 1992. Both the institutions aim at spreading of the ideology and philosophy of Sree Satyananda. Sree Archana Ma has devoted herself towards making Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth, a mammoth dream-project, into reality. An under developed place inhabited by poor in Baruipur's Ramnagar-Uttarbhag has been marked as the project-site. This is 37 km away from the Rajbhawan in Kolkata and 7 km from Baruipur Railway Station on the Canning Road. Read More

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The Preceptor Father
Sree Thakur Satyananda is considered to be the embodiment of all incarnations and yet something more. He belongs to the tradition of Sree Ramkrishna-Sarada Ma-Abhedananda lineage.

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  The Founding Mother
Sri Ramakrishna Mangalkavya, an epic based on the life of Sree Ramkishna, written by Sree Archana Puri Maa, has recently been awarded prestigious "SARADA SAMMAN PURASKAR" by a well known cultural and literary institution named 'ARCHANA' of Kolkata.

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  Current Status
The modest progress made since inception in 1992 consists of 36 acres of land (out of 200 acres) with a small Ashram Complex with a temple make Mini-Mahapeeth. The constituent units and activities are:

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Saying of Thakur Satyananda and Archana Maa

Be like a flower. There is a sadhana with flowers. Shaping the whole life as a flower we would, at the time of final departure, drop like flower at the feet of Thakur.

Keep eye on the mind so that 'Ishta' is not out of sight.

The more we desire for worldly things, the less is the craving for God.

Nama should be used as a weapon against every desire.

All that is narrow and all that is mean, have to be glorified by the vibration of Nama and Form of God.

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