Ongoing Welfare Activities

In this year and in the coming year special attention is being given towards RURAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES at village Ramnagar, Uttarbhag, the project site of Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth. The programs undertaken for execution are as follows:

1. Primary & Junior High School
Sree Satyananda Vidyaniketan, Primary& Junior High school of good standard is being run at Ramnagar-Uttarbhag site which is a very backward area inhabited by poor people. The school was established in the year 2002. At present it has more than 250students and 14 teachers. It has recently got affiliation by the Govt. of West Bengal Education Department as an non-aided affiliation.

2. Mother and Child Welfare Home Cum General Medical Center
Just after the Foundation Stone laying ceremony by revered SanghaJanani Sri Archana Maa, the work has been completed with the help of many devotees. There is an outdoor section for common diseases with doctors of Paediatry, Cardiology, General Medicine, ENT and Eye etc. At least 150 patients are benefited by this medical service every day. About 15 villages with population of 25,000 people are covered. This fulfills an urgent need of the area.

3. Construction of abode for retired persons i.e., ‘Vanaprastha Ashram’

The construction of a cluster of cottages will be started soon. These cottages will be meant for residential abode for retired persons with religious bent of mind willing to dedicate their experience and energy towards the cause of Nation Building. This unit of Mahapeeth is named as ‘Vanaprastha Ashram’ where residents will find ample opportunity of their own spiritual upliftment with divine bliss, as well as rendering service to the society. Therefore just retired or voluntarily retired persons with experience as Teacher, Doctor, Engineer, Administrator, Accountant or experience in any special branch of career, are requested to contact us with full particulars.

The cottages to be constructed in ‘Vanaprastha Ashram’ will be allotted to such persons who will be selected to reside and participate in the activity of Mahapeeth with sincere involvement, devotion and dedication.
The cost of construction of one room will be payable just after selection and finalization as per terms and conditions to be laid down by Mahapeeth. Moreover a minimum amount of maintenance expense will also be payable to meet the recurring expenditure of the abode, calculated on the basis of actuals.

4. Construction of Low Cost Houses for poor villagers together with Vocational Training Centres and Income Generation activities
This project name Hunger-Health-Humanity or 3H project is being patronized by Rotary International Foundation through local Narendrapur Rotary Club as a joint venture with Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth. The total cost of this Rural Development project is estimated to be over Rs.3 crores. Out of this over Rs.2.5 crores has been sanctioned by Rotary International. The ground work was in progress and Mahapeeth was proceeding fast to fulfill its own part of commitment to achieve this model target of service to poor villagers. Now, the project is over and about 80 Homeless poor people have been allotted the Houses at Mahapeeth project site.
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