The Preceptor Father

Sree Thakur Satyananda is considered to be the embodiment of all incarnations and yet something more.
He belongs to the tradition of Sree Ramkrishna-Sarada Ma-Abhedananda lineage.

Some highlights in the life of our spiritual father :-

  • Born in Calcutta in 1902. Left mortal frame in 1969.
  • Initiated by Swami Abhedananda, disciple of Sree Ramkrishna.
  • Spiritual attainment in 1939 after 14 years of solitary penance (Tapasya) and appearance before devotees.
  • Founded Sree Ramakrishna Ashram at Suri, Birbhum, ancestral home in West Bengal, India.
  • Founded a large number of Ashrams in West Bengal and Bihar, India.
  • Sree Thakur Satyananda Dev had some extraordinary attributes to his credit. He was a prolific writer, musician and a poet-composer.
  • He is also the author of many books, essays and dramas.
  • Some of his notable books are : World Philosophy, World Ethics, World Psychology, Messiah of Vedanta (a biography of Swami Abhedananda) and YugeYuge Jar Asa (a biography of Sree Ramakrishna Dev).
  • Well versed in modern science, in spite of being a student of Economics / Commerce. He was M.A. from Calcutta University.
  • Worked for spiritualization of science. Founded a laboratory on spirituality. Utilized science to cultivate spirituality.
  • He was full with National spirit. He wanted to revive education system founded on Hindu Dharma and attached importance to learning Sanskrit.
  • He devoted himself for thirty long years for the upliftment of the down-trodden section in rural and remote areas.
  • He had a special concern for the poverty-ridden aboriginals, the maimed and the meek.
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