Sree Thakur Satyananda Dev’s works:

  • World Philosophy

  • World Ethics
  • World Psychology (These give comprehensive world view on each subject)
  • Messiah of Vedanta: (This is a devotional biography of Swami Abhedananda)
  • Divine Flashes: (A must for spiritual seekers specially those interested in meditation and Japa)


  • Yuge Yuge Jar Asa or (One who comes ages after ages) - A delectable account of the advent and Lila of Sri Ramakrishna
  • Yugacharya Abhedananda (A biographical sketch of Swami Abhedananda in Bengali)
  • Vedachanda (A collection of the divine sayings of Sree Thakur Satyananda)

Books by Sri Archana Puri Ma


  1. Sri Ramakrishna Mangal Kavya (Pages 1040) – An epic on the life of Sri Ramakrishna
  2. Janani Saradeshwari (4th Edn.): The biography of Sarada – the Holy Mother, the consort of Sree Ramakrishna.
  3. Sabar Thakur Satyananda – Introductory biography
  4. Premer Thakur Satyananda or (Sree Thakur Satyananda, an incarnation of love)
  5. Hindu Narir Aitihya or (The Tradition of Hindu Women)
  6. Scattered Pearls or Charano Mukta - The Collection of the divine sayings of the mother, Sree Archanapuri Ma
  7. Pashu Pakhir Mela Vol – I (The Fair of Birds & Beasts) & Pashu Pakhir Mela Vol – II (Eminently suitable for children in easy poetry with profuse coloured illustration)
  8. Durer Balaka (The ducks of the distance) – Collection of Songs
  9. Ami Noy Tumi (Not me, But you) – Collection of poems
  10. Katakguli Dheu (A sheaf of waves) – 2nd impression
  11. Diganta Samket or (Hints of the Horizon) – 2nd impression
  12. Mahabharater Kayekti Charitra – Nine important Characters of Mahabharat
  13. Eso Bhai Desh Gari– Come let us build the Nation – Poems for children
  14. Gadadharer A Aa Ka Kha– For Child Learner
  15. Amrita Sarasi– Collection of Poems
  16. Nutan Bhorer Alo– Collection of Poems
  17. About Hundred Dramas, Dance Dramas, song scripts on devotional subjects, mostly not printed.

Books by Swami Nirbedananda

  • Smritir Tirthe Satyananda, (2nd Edn.) or Satyananda – a pilgrimage of memories. The book gives an authentic account of the great incarnation.

Books by Swami Mrigananda

  • Hindu Meaning and Significance
  • Untouchability and Caste division
  • As many faiths so many ways - Basis of Hindu Unity


  • Sarva Devamoy Satyananda or Sree Satyananda, who is the embodiment of all incarnations and yet more.
  • Aloukik Kripamoy Satyananda or The Extraordinary Grace of Satyananda
  • Dharmer Rahasya or The Mystery of Dharma - 2nd Edn.
  • Gopal Sona – True Story of Gopal’s Lila - 2nd Edn.
  • Satyananda Bhagawat – Lila of Sree Thakur with Devotees

Books by Swami Hirananda

  • Alor Devata Satyananda or Satyananda, the God of Light.
  • Vijnan Manaska Satyananda

Miscellaneous Books

  • In the Divine Company of Sri Thakur Satyananda by Swami Divyananda. This is the compilation of dialogues in the form of author’s diary.
  • Sree Archanapuri Ma – A small booklet on the Divine Mother Sree Archana Ma by Surajit Biswas.


  • Hindu Dharma Ka Sar Tattva. The essence of Hindu Dharma by Dr. Durgadas Basu, Prajnabharati.

Cassettes / CDs / DVDs on Devotional Songs, Drama etc.

  • Sree Ramakrishna Mangal Kavya (Epic by Sree Archanapuri Ma recited by Sri Pradip Ghosh (Bengali-9 cassettes).
  • Gautam Buddha – Drama by Sree Archana Ma (Bengali)
  • Nava Rasa Dhara Me Hara Gauri (Hindi)
  • Sarade Shive Nama Kirtan – Sree Archana Ma (Bengali)
  • Hare Krishna Nama Kirtan – Sree Archana Ma (Bengali)
  • Shyama Sangeet – Sree Archana Ma (Bengali)
  • Sree Sree Chandi by Swami Mrigananda (Sanskrit)
  • Ved Upanishad by Swami Mrigananda (Sanskrit)
  • Krishna Lila (Drama)
  • Mayer Agamani (Invocation of Durga) by Sree Archana Ma (Bengali)
  • Patit Paban Ram (Drama)
  • Devotional Songs etc.

**** All these are available on nominal donation ****

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