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Sree Archanapuri Ma, Manas-kanya (spiritual daughter) of Sree Thakur, founded Sree Satyananda Devayatan in 1976 and Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth in 1992. Both the institutions aim at spreading of the ideology and philosophy of Sree Satyananda. Sree Archana Ma has devoted herself towards making Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth, a mammoth dream-project, into reality. An under developed place inhabited by poor in Baruipur's Ramnagar-Uttarbhag has been marked as the project-site. This is 37 km away from the Rajbhawan in Kolkata and 7 km from Baruipur Railway Station on the Canning Road.

The project-outline of the Mahapeeth includes a large temple representing varied sects of Hindu Dharma, university, gurukul-based schools, students' hostel, art-craft and cultural centre, hospital, centres for Ayurveda and alternative medicines, cattle rearing departments etc. The main objectives of this project is to establish an education institution based on the truth emerging out of the sacrifice and spiritual experience based wisdom of Indian seers, sages and intellectuals, their successful application according to the needs of modern era and chiseling noble human characters. The age-old Chaturashram (4 stages of human life) of India: Brahmacharya (regimentation-based student-life), Garhasthya (family-life), Vanaprastha (retired life) and Sannyas (renunciation for spiritual bliss) will be re-established with all its glory.

'Sree Satyananda Vidya Niketan' a nursery to secondary school has been made functional as the first step. Charitable Allopathic and Homeopathic centres distribute free medicines. Several deep tube-wells with arsenic-free drinking water have been made available for the locals. In the holy temple, founded by Sree Archana Ma, daily worship, arati, reading from scriptures and discourses take place. Aided by Rotary Club around 80 dwelling have been built and donated to homeless. A crafts centre imparts training to locals. Vocational Training Institute and Self Help groups of village women have also been started.

The Mahapeeth is being built and functions by the donations and help extended by benevolent people, trusts, business and corporate houses and common man. All donations are eligible for exemption under       Sec 80G of Income Tax Act. Any Cheque or Draft, issued in favor of 'Sree" Satyananda Mahapeeth' is accepted with humility.

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